PESHAWAR                -               Adviser to the Chief Minister KP for Information, Ajmal Khan Wazir said Sunday that more relaxation would be given to people, traders and businessmen in the lockdown subject to full implementation of the standared operating procedures (SOPs) in the province imperative to defeat coronavirus. In case of violation of SOPs, lockdown would be made stricter from the past and businesses shops of violators would be sealed, he told media persons during his visit to different markets of Peshawar to examine implementation of SOPs on ground. He said monitoring of implementation of SOPs in all districts were underway with the help of districts administration, adding Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan was personally monitoring the coronavirous situation and easing of locked down restrictions on ground. He said Imran Khan was the only elected Prime Minister of Pakistan whose policies revolved around poor people, labourers and dailywagers as evident from the distribution of billions of rupees among poor families under Ehsaas Kifalat Program in the country. He said all decisions made during national coordination committee presided over by Prime Minister Imran Khan would be implemented in letter and spirit.  Wazir praised the leadership of PM Imran Khan for taking all provinces including GB and AJK Prime Minister on board by evolving national consenses on all issues in the wake of coronavirus lockdown.

He said transport sector in KP was being opened from Monday under SOPs to facilitate people, adding no compromise would be made on SOPs.

Ajmal claimed that PML N President Shahbaz Sharif while sitting in a luxury air conditioned room in front of laptop was issuing hallow statements against Government and asked him to come out and serve coronavirus afected people in field.

He claimed that PMLN leader Shahbaz Sharif came to Pakistan by taking shelter of coronavirus and asked him to answer questions of NAB rather making baseless criticism on the elected government.

He said people were politically matured and understand which party was addressing their problems and which party was making hallow slogans.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister KP Mahmood Khan have visited quarantine centres, ICUs and hospitals to personally monitor the coronavirous situation on ground while leadership of other mainstream political parties have restricted themselves only to luxury air conditioned rooms.

He said Pakistan cannot afford long lockdown due to prevailing difficult economic situation inherited from the past regime.

He said the government was fighting against COVID-19 as well as hunger and starvation and cooperation of masses was imperative to defeat coronavirus.

Wazir said today he came out to bazaars to personally monitor implementation of SOPs and cooperation of masses as well as traders, shopkeepers were vital to defeat coronavirus.