ISLAMABAD - The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has given a detailed breakdown of all the medical equipment it provided to Sindh, in a state­ment on Sunday.

Responding to Sindh government’s claims that the authority did not provide a single ventilator or set up any laboratory for coronavirus patients in the prov­ince, the spokesperson of NDMA said the authority has provided relief to all provinces, and the regions.

He claimed that Sindh had enough ventilators for the Covid-19 patients currently adding that the NDMA had also provided the province 20 additional by-pipe ventilators.

The spokesperson stated that the NDMA has around 500 ventilators in its stock. “These ventila­tors are a strategic reserve, and will be handed over to provinces as per their needs,” he added.

Providing details, the NDMA spokesperson said 10,30,163 face masks, 32,392 N95 face masks and 203,840 KN95 masks were dispatched to Sindh.

Moreover, 235,479 safety suits, 8733 safety gog­gles, 242,792 gloves and 57,844 pairs of shoe covers were also provided to the province, NDMA said.

Moreover, 94,201 surgical caps, 25,351 gowns and 9,448 face shields were also handed over to Sindh, spokesperson said.

The NDMA spokesperson further stated that Sindh was provided four PCR machines and testing equip­ment, including 123,832 testing kits, 55,000 viral transport media (VTM) kits and 55,000 swab kits.

According to the spokesperson NDMA distrib­uted two biosafety cabinets for storing the testing kits, 200 thermal guns, 30,000 biotech tubes, 9,000 bio-hazard bags, 1,020 body bags and 25,000 bottles of sanitiser to Sindh.

The fifth consignment of goods also prepared to be sent to the province, the spokesperson added.