MOHMAND - Heavy rain and hailstorm have destroyed wheat and vegetable crops in different areas of the trib­al district of Mohmand.

The rain along with hailstorm lashed farming fields of the dis­trict which ruined the standing crops in various localities of Safi, Kamali Haleemzai and Pandiali te­hsils of the district.

Farmers say the affected crops particularly coriander had little chances of growing now, resulting in big losses for them.

Wheat harvest has been in pro­gress while other crops of vegeta­bles were expected to start in the next few days.

Local area farmers said the rain mainly damaged crops in Kama­li Haleemzai, Safi tehsil, Tama­nzai, and various other regions. All these regions are popular for growing both wheat and vegeta­bles.

They demanded of the govern­ment to compensate them as COV­ID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has widely damaged their businesses.