The length of Pakistan’s border with India is 3,133 kilometers which includes 700 kilometers Line of Control (LoC) 193 kilometers of Working Boundary (WB) and 2,240 kilometers of International Border (IB). The first Kashmir war was fought between Pakistan and India from October 1947 to January 1949 and the UN intervention resulted in demarcation of a ceasefire line (CFL) in July 1949. In the Simla agreement of 1972, CFL was renamed as LoC. The Working Boundary is from Thaku Chak to Abial Dogal (Narowal) and this is the boundary where IOK (Jammu) touches Pakistan’s border (Sialkot). WB is a temporary line fixed for maintenance of status quo in the disputed area.

The IB with India starts from Abial Dogal (Narowal) to Arabian Sea. India has heavily fortified its border (3,133 KM) with Pakistan. There is a strong double fencing system which is humanly not possible to negotiate. The fencing system has been further augmented with a smart fencing system provided by Israel. India has also laser fenced selected areas which detects an object and set off a loud siren in case of breach. With such heavy, fortified fencing followed by flood lights lit at night and bunkers, it is impossible to infiltrate the LoC, WB and IB. In IOK, India has its northern command headquarters at Udhampur consisting of three corps; headquarters 15 corps at Srinagar, headquarters 16 corps at Nagrota (Jammu) and headquarters 14 corps at Ladakh. Indian army is further augmented by several battalions of Rashtriya Rifles Force (RFF), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Ladakh Scouts (LS) and Jammu and Kashmir Police. The BJP-RSS fascist regime revoked the special status of IOK by abrogating article 370 of Indian constitution, followed by bifurcation of IOK and its merger with Indian union, issued a new so-called political map and grant of domicile to millions of Hindus.

The Kashmiri people are under siege and lockdown for the last 9 months. Now India has clamped another lockdown under the garb of coronavirus to cause more problems to innocent Kashmiris. India is continuously violating cease fire agreements and recently, frequency of unprovoked firing by Indian forces across LOC and WB has increased manifold. Indian army targets civil population/villages to create panic with the use of heavy artillery and rockets.

As a commander Chenab Ranger (2009-2011) it was my personal experience that the BSF resorted to unprovoked firing and shelling whenever an international leader visited India to present Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism. Aim of these CFV and unprovoked firing is to deflect world attention from the freedom of movement/lockdown, atrocities, gross human right violations in Kashmir, and also serve to shift the focus of domestic audience on to Pakistan rather than itself.

Recently, India has started accusing Pakistan of sending militants to IOK to carry out operations. A pattern has developed where Indian army generals, politicians and media repeatedly accuse Pakistan for recent incidents in IOK. The recent baseless allegations of infiltration are continuation of a selected agenda to malign Pakistan. The prime minister of Pakistan has warned the international community that India could use current tension and incidents to launch a false flag operation on Pakistan on the pretext of infiltration. India committed 848 cease fire violations (CFV) along LoC in AJK and 456 such violations were detected when first case of coronavirus was reported in Pakistan on 26 February. The increased incidents of CFV by India along LoC is another indicator. Recently, Indian agencies have claimed to discovered so called involvement of Pakistan in using COVID-19 as biological weapon against India. They further claimed that Pakistan plans to infect the country by sending COVID-19 infected individuals to IOK and India through Nepal.

Indian army chief also said during his visit to IOK that Pakistan was exporting terror at a time when India is helping its citizens to contain the pandemic. According to IOK police chief Dilbag Singh, as reported by the The Quint, 150 terrorists trained by Pakistan have reached launch pads to infiltrate into IOK. The recent twin incidents of Handwara in the first week of May in which 8 Indian army officers were killed by Mujahideen is being painted as fresh infiltration. In the book, The Line of Control by Indian author Happymon Jacob, an Indian brigadier who was officiating GOC 25th infantry division based in Rajouri, is quoted, “Not all violations are initiated by the Pakistani side, unlike what the Indian media would like you to believe and more importantly, there is hardly any infiltration here so most of CFV are as a result of strategic and political developments”. Despite all this, India is trying to find a pretext for a false flag operation to target Pakistan.

The Indian army, RAW, political leadership and media are preparing grounds for a false flag operation. The Indian army and RAW are feeding their media with planted and fake news to set the stage for yet another false flag operation after Pulwama to divert attention from IOK and deteriorating law and order situation in India. India has conducted a lot of false flag operations in the past like hijacking of Ganga plane, killing of Sikhs at Chattising Pura village, Mumbai attacks, Uri camp attack and Pulwama and expected to do it again. There are confirmed reports that India is planning to stage another false flag operation and government would project it as military action against Pakistan along LOC and WB. Any attempt to carry out a false flag operation will be responded with an equal and befitting response. Pakistan armed forces and the nation are ready to defend any misadventure on part of India. The father of the nation rightly said that there is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan.