LAHORE - Valuables worth millions of rupees were gutted as a fire broke out at a furniture shop on Sunday.

According to the sources, the reason for the eruption of the fire was still being investigated, however, according to the preliminary reports, it was caused by short        circuiting inside the shop. The sources said that as the fire erupted, it engulfed the whole of the furniture shop, where wooden furniture inventory and the chemical polish on it took no time to spread the blaze all over the place. The  blaze was strong enough to reach the nearby vehicles, which also caught fire. The sources said that the fuel inside the vehicles gave further thrust to the raging fire and resulted in further spread of the blaze.

The firefighters were immediately called to control the situation that was going out of hands. The firefighters they reached the spot in a timely manner and after much efforts for a couple of hours they were able to control the fire.