Since the first ground invasion of Pakistani territory some two months ago, the US bombings through unmanned drones are on the rise. Our COAS gave a very strong reaction initially and taking cue from his statements, some of the political leaders also issued a few bold statements vowing to defend the country's territorial integrity. But there has been a helpless silence since despite a strong parliamentary resolution vowing to defend our sovereignty. Meanwhile the US continues to attack our villages killing our innocent citizens with impunity. Now, even our military leadership has found it convenient to be mum about these incursions. As a citizen of Pakistan, I am getting increasingly convinced of the view that Pakistan's Armed Forces are irrelevant to the defense of this country against this enemy. That naturally raises the question; are our Armed Forces only good for ruling this wretched land but not good enough to defend lives of its 'bloody' civilians? -MUHAMMAD TAHIR MAZARI, Islamabad, via e-mail, November 1.