Some time back an acquaintance of mine was pleasantly surprised to have received an Eid card from Mr. Abdul Qadir Gilani, the MPA son of the PM. The card read: "This day binds us with the oneness of our humanity. Eid is the celebration of our cherished ideals of peace, tolerance and love. I heartily wish you a very happy Eid". My friend read it over and over again cherishing every word of it, driving great pleasure for being remembered by son of the PM till he noticed the rubber stamp on the envelope. That killed his sense of elation totally. It read: Despatcher, Prime Minister's Secretariat (internal), Islamabad. My friend says he wonders why the illustrious son of the Prime Minister cannot spend Rs 7 on postage and has to use the free service of his father's secretariat. Who knows who had paid for printing of the cards and from which fund? This is what they call Halwaee dey hatti, Tay dadda Ji daa fateha in the old Punjabi idiom. -COL. RIAZ JAFRI (Retd), Rawalpindi, November 12.