BEIJING (APP) - Two agreements were signed in the presence of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in the area of cooperation in agriculture sector here on Monday. The first agreement was signed between Bio-Technology Cotton and Punjab Seed Corporation.  Under the agreement, the inventor and developer of gene of BT Cotton, Professor Gu will soon visit Pakistan and start work on pest resistance crop of cotton. On Chinese side the agreement was signed by Professor Gu, while Punjab Minister for Agriculture Ahmed Ali Aulakh signed the pact on behalf of Punjab Seed Corporation.  The cotton is an important cash crop of Pakistan and after use of BT cotton the crop can grow with pest and disease resistance, thus greatly benefit the farming community.  The second agreement was signed between Agro Group of companies and Wuhan based institution for working on pesticide project in Pakistan. Pakistan meets its major chunk of its pesticide requirements through import and it has now been decided to establish manufacturing facilities within the country to meet the demand through domestic production by setting up joint ventures. The agreement will greatly help in producing pesticide domestically. Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that cooperation between Pakistan and China in agriculture sector can help tap the huge Middle East Market.  Talking to the Chinese Vice-Minister for Agriculture Niu Dun here Monday, Shahbaz said Punjab is the Green Basket in agriculture product and added that with the cooperation of China, the finished agriculture products could be exported to the Middle East (ME) and beyond. He pointed out that ME was importing agricultural products all the way from America, Europe and Far East. "China has made tremendous achievements in the field of agriculture" Shahbaz said and added that we have come here to share your experience and apply the same in our country for the common benefit. Referring to the welcome remarks made by Chinese Vice Minister, Shahbaz said he fully acknowledged that Punjab share 70 per cent in total agriculture production in Pakistan. He said in Punjab there are small dams to provide irrigation water to adjoining areas, but to further develop the agri sector, he would like to seek Chinese advise on how to grow crops with use of minimum irrigation water and in this regard he especially mentioned the Drip and pressurise irrigation systems being adopted here. The CM informed the Chinese side that his government has very holistic road map for the promotion of this very important area. He said the water stored in this reservoir could greatly help the farming community for crop cultivations when there is shortage of irrigation water. He also highlighted the cooperation in the manufacturing of Pesticides with the Chinese side and said there is huge potential of it not only in Pakistan but it can also be exported to many regional countries.