LAHORE - Dr Fayyaz Ahmad Ranjha, Executive District Officer (EDO) Health Lahore is stated to have proceeded on leave after he suffered from high-grade temperature during the last couple of days. The EDO (Health) Lahore complained about high fever, which later soared to 104 degree despite timely treatment he took. Fayyaz Ranjha is under the treatment of Fatima Jinnah Medical College/Sir Ganga Ram Hospital's senior doctor Professor Irshad. Hospital sources disclosed that Ranjha did not want his admission to the hospital. Doctors advised him to get admitted to Mayo Hospital, but Ranjha preferred to stay at his official residence where he was receiving all the necessary treatment these days. Prof. Dr. Irshad who examined the EDO Health had earlier fallen victim to the dengue fever some weeks ago as the clinical reports had tested him positive. Dr. Fayyaz Ranjha complained about high temperature with pain in all the joints of his body. Dr Irshad said when he examined Dr. Fayyaz Ahmad Ranjha for the first time he was doubtful about the symptoms. "The symptoms were quite the same shown by a patient of dengue fever. But initial assessment revealed that it was only high-grade fever. Further treatment was under process", he said. He denied that Ranjha was given oxygen regularly. Seeking anonymity, a senior doctor of the Mayo Hospital told The Nation that the doctors examined Dr Fayyaz Ahmad Ranjha suspecting him to be suffering from dengue fever. "The symptoms he showed were almost the same that normally were found in dengue patients these days", he further said. It is said that blood samples of Dr Fayyaz have also been sent to the Bacteriology laboratory of at Institute of Public Health to check if it was the case of dengue fever. This laboratory exclusively examines the blood reports of the dengue patients. "The blood sample report is expected within next a few days, he further", he said. The people are visiting hospitals with complaints of dengue fever or malaria in great numbers. At least 70 to 80 dengue cases are being reported daily in the city. The Punjab government has prepared an action plan to control the malaria and dengue fever. EDO Health Fayyaz Ranjha has been given the task by Punjab Chief Minister to implement the action plan.