Allegations as serious as the ones reported in a leading US daily about Pakistan entering into a don't-ask-don't-tell agreement with the US about the latter's drone attacks into the tribal areas were bound to have reverberations in the National Assembly. PML-N leader Ahsen Iqbal expressed great concern over the issue on the floor of the house. The opposition member demanded an explanation and the Information Minister Sherry Rehman rose up to the occasion. This is nonsense, she said. The allegations, she maintained, were "cooked up." Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi followed and said pretty much the same thing. His insistence that there had been no tacit understanding with the US lead to a measure of desk thumping by treasury benches, indicating how low they had set the bar for what to applaud at. This is like applauding at a man who says he will never kill children. People are not supposed to kill children; it doesn't get an applause. But the PML-N Central Information Secretary wasn't done yet. Though he was the education minister while the coalition was still intact, it is your correspondent's guess that he is the League's shadow information minister. And it was the incumbent that he wanted to grill. We're ten months into the new government and what a flashback have we gotten of the military regime The broadcasts of two private channels blocked in Sindh and Karachi? But insult upon injury, he said, is the fact that both the Federal and the Sindh Information Minister said that they had no idea how this happened. Where, he asked, is the governance? Sherry replied that she had just been to one of the channel's studios that had been blocked and had talked to the owners of the two and had placated them. Since the channels had been resumed, perhaps there can be no further action since there are no complainants? Ahsen Iqbal had a thing or two to say about that and launched progressively into hyperbole upon higher hyperbole. What if there are no complainants in a murder? What if there are no complainants if a whole city is overrun? What if......opposition benches got the point and thumped their desks, not so fiery though, owing to the dismal quorum. A greater, more disappointingly dismal attendance was that of the concerned ministers at the Question Hour. Further proof of little governance.