KARACHI - Sindh government is making all-out efforts to control the increasing rate of diabetes by creating awareness about preventive measures and its management, said Sindh Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed. He was addressing a public awareness seminar on diabetes organised by National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology (NIDE) at Ojha Campus, Dow University of Health Sciences. He said that healthy lifestyle habits would help citizens prevent diabetes and related chronic disease complications. He stressed the need for discouraging consumption of high carbohydrates and animal fat in meals and encouraging physical exercise and games. "Prevention is a crucial component in fostering a healthy lifestyle. Religious and political leaders should play their part to help people in adopting a stressless lifestyle. Although there is a significant increase in the ratio of diabetic and endocrine disease patients in Pakistan, yet not a single institute was working exclusively to cure these diseases. DUHS is the first organisation to establish first state-of-the-art National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology for the treatment of diabetic patients," he said. Vice Chancellor DUHS Prof Masood Hameed said, "Diabetes is a silent killer that causes irreparable loss to human body and affect kidneys, eyesight, nervous system and the digestive system. We have laid the foundation of this institute with an aim to not only control the alarming rate of diabetic patients but also to provide excellent medical facilities to cure the disease. NIDE is purely dedicated to diabetes prevention, treatment, training and research, covering all aspects of diabetes and its complications." Director NIDE, Prof M Zaman Sheikh, said that on every visit of diabetic patients, detailed dietary plan and advice on lifestyle modification are emphasised in the institute. He said that regular brisk walking and adherence to tailor-made dietary plan would go a long way in controlling blood sugar and preventing complications. Talking about the facilities available at NIDE, Prof Sheikh said that a day care centre with computerised record keeping, trained diabetic educator nurse, dietician and chiropodist, a diabetic foot clinic, a men's health, indoor facility and quality assured lab is established to conduct basal and dynamic sophisticated hormone test to cater to the needs of diabetic patients. KU to hold 10-day global workshop on SATLC A 10-day International Workshop on Systemic Approach to Teaching and Learning Chemistry (SATLC) is being held from November 19 to 29 at the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), Karachi University. A spokesman of the institution said here on Monday that over 70 teaching staff from all over the country is expected to participate in this workshop in which the experts from America, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan will train the participants. He said that the main objective of the workshop is to introduce SATLC in the country and create indigenous manpower in the country. Other objectives are to draw the attention of participants to the use of systemics as a vehicle to improve both teaching and learning, and to improve the participants' skills towards systemic building strategies of chemistry modules. The workshop is being jointly organised by ICCBS, Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the National Core Group in Chemistry. The spokesman further pointed out that SATLC is a versatile tool for students and teachers that seek to drive the reform of chemical education. He said that the approach is designed to motivate the students to understand the interrelations of chemistry concepts in a greater context, a point of view that ultimately should prove beneficial to the future citizens in a world that is becoming increasingly globalised. It was further stated that SATLC helps students to develop their mental skills involving the higher-order cognitive processes. Successful applications of SATLC are well documented at the pre-university, and university Chemistry Courses. SATLC is now a worldwide movement which is directed toward introducing concept based learning. The inaugural ceremony of the workshop will be held on November 19 at Latif Ebrahim Jamal Science Information Centre, Karachi University. The Vice Chancellor of Karachi University, Prof Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, will inaugurate the event. The workshop will comprise lectures' session, poster presentations, scientific sessions and daily homework.