LAHORE - Star batsman Mohammad Yousuf hit back at Shoaib Malik, saying that the Pakistan captain lied when he said that he showed no respect to any senior player. Yousuf, who arrived home on Monday after participating in the Indian Cricket League (ICL), also said that Pakistan cricket will suffer because of the ban placed on him by the board. "I was surprised to hear that he (Malik) claims that he has never been disrespectful towards me or any senior players. That's a news to me. I believe that a captain should take senior players along but he (Malik) never did that," said Yousuf, who was banned by the Pakistan Cricket Board last month for playing in rebel ICL. "I am Pakistan's leading batsman for quite sometime and they don't have anybody to replace me. People who have done this to me do not care about national interest. They care about their own selfish motives," added Yousuf. Yousuf said he wanted his fans in Pakistan to know that he didn't switch to ICL because of the money. "I could make a lot more money playing for Pakistan than the ICL. It was about respect. I played for Pakistan for almost ten years and always gave my best. But still I was given shabby treatment by the former officials of the board and the captain," he said." Playing for Pakistan will always be my first preference. I believe that the PCB should lift the ban on ICL players because not even the ICC has banned the league."