KARACHI - An art exhibition, organised by the Art Exhibitors in collaboration with Art Council of Pakistan Karachi, started here on Sunday. It will continue till 2nd December. Works of Sadequain, Gulgee, Chughtai and many other renowned artists will be displayed during the exhibition. On the first day of exhibition, solo paintings of S. Ali Shah were displayed. The artist has used his vision to portray the concept of Karo Kari. He depicted images of women from the rural areas and exposed the inhuman act of Karo Kari, which was gaining attention of general public throughout the country. All the races of life largely condemn this brutal act. Shah has used gloomy and dull colours to express his idea about this injustice that has largely affected the female population of our rural areas. The artist has used the cubic art technique for this purpose. Along with that, he used patchwork, stitching, scratching and some sketch work. His painting has the dominant imagery of Sindhi culture. Ports and traditional Sindhi artwork puts colour in his work of art. Twelve paintings were related to the calligraphic art. Shah gave a different concept in calligraphic art, which was hard to find among other artists. He used bright colours for this purpose. The choice of colour for any painting should be made according to the demand of concept which one has in his mind, said Shah.