ISLAMABAD " Electing Mian Raza Rabbani as its chairman here on Monday the Special Parliamentary Committee for implementation of consensus National Security Resolution (NSR) unanimously decided to exercise the power of summoning any minister or government official to find out progress regarding resolution's implementation. Federal Minster for Information Sherry Rehman expressed these views while talking to media persons after the conclusion of 17-Member Parliamentary Committee meeting here on Monday. She said that the Parliamentary Committee had finalized its working mechanism. "It would work in a professional and efficient manner according to some principles, which it will set itself", she said.   "It has been decided that the Committee will consist of 17 members. The members unanimously decided in the meeting that Leader of the House in Senate Raza Rabbani would be the Chairman of the Committee," Sherry Rehman said. The Minister said that Parliamentary Committee would meet at least once in a month. "The Committee shall sit at such place, on such day and at such hour as the Chairman may, in consultation with the Committee fix," she said.     She said that next Parliamentary Committee meeting would be held on November 20. "The meetings of Parliamentary Committee will be in-camera adding we will decide what should be publicized urging Joint Declaration will be issued to the media," she maintained. Sherry Rehman said that all the information of the Committee would be kept secret while it will present its recommendations, decisions reports to be sent to the Chairman of Senate and Speaker of the National Assembly. Giving details of the meeting, she said proceedings of the committee would be kept confidential and its recommendations, decisions would be made public only after full consensus of the members through a joint declaration.  The Minister said the committee had been empowered to call ministers and government officials to find out progress on its recommendations. "It will be our sheer responsibility to work responsibly", she said, adding that the Parliamentary Committee would have the powers to visit Tribal Areas. Answering to a question about closure of private TV channels in Karachi and some other parts of Sindh, she said that the government had taken serious notice of the issue and personally talked to the owners of television channels in this regard. She said the government had not issued any directive to this effect but it took the responsibility to restore transmission of the channels, as it believed in freedom of press.   According to the written general provision for Special Committee of Parliament, "If the Chairman is not present at any sitting, the Committee shall choose one of its members present to act as Chairperson for that sitting". "The quorum to constitute a sitting of the Committee shall be one-third of its total membership. The sitting of the Committee shall be held in-camera unless otherwise decided by the Committee". "All questions at a sitting of the Committee shall be decided with consensus. In case, the consensus is not possible, the question shall be decided by a majority of the total membership of the Committee". "The time table of business of the Committee and agenda for each meeting of the Committee would be determined by the Chairman in consultation with members".