ISLAMABAD- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has no viable solution to cope with the pollution-emitting industries in Sector I-9 of the Federal Capital. The hazardous effluents and gases emitting from industries, especially the steel furnaces, located in the sector have been a headache for the Authority since long. The civic body adopted various measures to control pollution in the area, but to no avail. After all measures taken by the Authority failed, it was agreed between the Ministry of Environment and CDA that the steel furnaces would be relocated to some other place. CDA had pledged alternate plots for the specific industry in sector I-17, where the Authority is developing new industrial area. However, a senior official of the Authority, on condition of anonymity, said that it would be difficult for CDA to keep its words. He said that there were two reasons behind CDA failure as owners of the steel furnaces were demanding 4 to 5 years time for relocation and secondly, the Authority has given assurance to Senate Standing Committee on Environment that no pollution-creating activities would be allowed near sector I-16. He said that the Authority would have to work on some other plan, as relocation of the furnaces was seemingly unfeasible. He informed that according to the instructions of CDA, it was binding upon steel furnaces to install and use 'wet scrubbers' so that the poisonous gases are trapped therein and prevented from mixing with fresh air of the Capital. The Authority had also bound the industry to use standard raw material (scrape) for remoulding purposes. The steel furnaces, he informed, did install the scrubbers but due to ineffective monitoring, the same were being turned off during the night times to save electricity and extend lifetime of the scrubbers. He said a scrubber plant was worth Rs 1 million and remained effective for six months while used round the clock. He also informed that there was no effective monitoring system for determination of the standard of raw material, therefore, the steel furnaces were freely using sub-standard and hazardous material. "If standard raw material is used in furnaces, there would be no need of scrubbers at all," the official added. The official said the CDA has given various incentives for owners of steel furnaces to change their trade. He said no trade change fees were charged from steel furnaces. He informed that so far only one steel furnace had availed the incentive offered by the Authority. He said 8 furnaces were operating in the sector against the 19 licences issued by the Authority.