ISLAMABAD - Eminent analysts and thinkers Monday condemned the repeated Americans attacks on Pakistani territory as well as the ongoing military operation in tribal areas while warning that the use of force in restive border regions was fomenting insurgency in the country's restive border regions. They were addressing a seminar "Future of the Federation" organised here by Mahmud Ali and Hajera Mahmud Research Institute on the second death anniversary of renowned freedom fighter and the lifetime minister Mahmud Ali to pay tribute to his lifelong services. Mahmud Ali was a freedom fighter and a close associate of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Speaking on the occasion SM Qureshi opined that some international intelligence agencies had been conspiring against Pakistan since the day it came into being. He said Iraq and Afghanistan were weaker states as compared to Pakistan but they were resisting against American aggression. He said Nisar Memon had predicted in the early 2008 that some elements were trying to push Pakistan towards IMF and that day the government had proved him to be right. Speaking on the occasion former minister Arshad Chaudhry said the people wanted that Pakistan which was established on the name of Islam. He said all the problems could only be addressed thorough negotiations. Lifetime Minister for Minorities Affairs Raja Tiri Daive Rai lauded the efforts of Mahmud Ali and said he (Mahmud) was an ideology and ideologies never died and we it was time to take forward his work. He worked hard to bring social and economic equality into society where each and every citizen would be given equal opportunities, he added. Family and friends of Mahmud Ali were also present on the occasion and they highlighted the other aspects of his personality as a father and friend.