KARACHI - The officials of US consulate in Karachi visited beaches of Hawks Bay and Sandspit, and participated in the ongoing Turtle Protection Project, runs under the administration of Sindh Wildlife Department, sources informed The Nation on Monday. The officials of American consulate release the hatchlings of green turtles in the sea and visited the turtle laboratory and hatchery established by the Sindh Wildlife Department. They also saw egg laying process of female turtle on the beaches at the turtle sanctuaries, sources said. The sources said that the US consulate delegation appreciated the services and efforts of Sindh Wildlife Department of saving the green turtles. According to the wildlife experts "Due to number of reasons, only one turtle, in average, survive in 1,000 hatchlings." The green turtle species is facing various challenges in order to sustain in the marine world. The threats to its population include several factors, from its low growth rate to other environmental constraints. The rate of successful hatching from eggs in an ideal situation and habitat is only 55 per cent. The eggs buried in sand are also foraged by crabs, crows, eagles and feral dogs. The survival rate of hatchlings in sea is as low as 0.1 per cent, since a large number of baby turtles are eaten by fish and other underwater creatures. Many large and small turtles are also trapped in the nets of fish-trawlers. Numerous projects are running in many countries in order to protect green turtles from total extinction. In Pakistan, green turtle lay eggs on Sandspit and Hawks Bay beaches from November to February. A breeding female laid eggs three to four times during the season. Every year, an average of 800 nests has been observed on the beaches of Karachi. Coastal areas of Balochistan are also believed to support a large number of green turtles. Sindh Wildlife Department every year organised various programmes in the breeding season of turtles. It took people from different walks of life to Karachi beaches including school-going children in order to create awareness for the protection of green turtles and visit of the officials of American consulate was part of the same, sources said. They said that US officials donated the things which would help in the ongoing protection project of the turtles.