ISLAMABAD Security forces have been successful in capturing most of Talibans bases in South Waziristan Agency and are consolidating their positions in the regained areas. According an ISPR statement issued here on Tuesday, the security forces in South Waziristan Agency have been consolidating their positions on three axes. It said that on Jandola-Sararogha axis, the security forces secured important feature point 1665, 1 kilometre south of Janata. Sanitisation of Khazhikai, Shuza Sar, was conducted and 6 IEDs were defused along with recovery of a few weapons. Sara Rogha has been completely cleared and is under security forces full control. On Shakai-Kaniguram axis, the forces carried out consolidation of positions at Ghundai Gur, Tikrai Sar, Sultano, Pungai, Ladha Fort and Bangel Khel. The security forces carried out search operation at Gani Khel, Khaikaeh Narai and recovered huge cache of arms and ammunition. Search operation was conducted at Torwam, 15 compounds were cleared and a tunnel system was found and destroyed. Terrorists fired 3 rockets at Asman Manza and Kaniguram, which were responded effectively. On Razmak-Makeen axis, the security forces are strengthening their positions. They cleared Blanki Sar and destroyed 6 terrorists bunkers. So far, 11,794 cash cards have been issued to displaced families of Waziristan as part of relief efforts. As regards Operation Rah-e-Rast in Swat and Malakand, the security forces discovered a tunnel complex (3 tunnels, 50 feet each) at Bar Sardan while a suspect voluntarily surrendered to the security forces at Tiligram. The security forces apprehended 2 terrorists at Charbagh and Nawan Killi. Agencies add: Forces have captured most main Taliban towns in their offensive in South Waziristan and will soon fan out into the rugged countryside to hunt for militants there, commanders said on Tuesday. Soldiers have advanced faster than expected in their month-long offensive, seizing main roads and Taliban bases but militant leaders have apparently melted away while their bombers have unleashed carnage in towns. The military made the comments to reporters flown to the former bastion of Sararogha in South Waziristan. Military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas told reporters escorted by the Army into South Waziristan on Tuesday that the Army had captured most of the population centres and disrupted the militants food supply line. The myth has been broken that this was a graveyard for empires and it would be a graveyard for the Army, Abbas said. Major town and population centres have been secured, he added. Abbas told reporters that some militants might have slipped out the region but many were hiding. We still believe many are still here. They have gone to the countryside, the forested areas, to villages and into the caves, Abbas said. After taking complete control of the roads and the tracks, we are going to chase them in the forested areas, wherever they are hiding in the countryside, he said. Sararogha where former Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud was killed by a missile-firing US drone aircraft on August 5, and which was previously home to around 10,000 people, is surrounded by hills. Streets are destroyed, the market has been reduced to rubble and no civilian is in sight, said an AFP reporter. Commanders said that troops were locked in fighting Tuesday at Janata, about six kilometres north of Sararogha, which they described as a former bastion of Uzbek and Arab fighters. Overall, 550 militants and 70 soldiers have been killed since the army launched the offensive on October 17, Abbas said. Soldiers displayed militant pamphlets including one on making bombs, captured ammunition and weapons, and pouched vests that suicide bombers pack with explosives and strap on. Brigadier Mohammad Shafiq said his men had battled hard to capture the base, adding, Their defences were well-constructed and we faced extremely tough resistance. In the captured militant stronghold of Ladha, Brigadier Farrukh Jamal said his men had surrounded 35 militants hiding in forest-covered mountains nearby. They are hiding in caves and we will capture them soon or kill them, Jamal said. Several rifle shots rang out and smoke rose over the slopes where the militants were hiding. Jamal said his men had cut militant supply lines and would soon be advancing into deep forest to the west. US President Barack Obama is hoping the Pakistani army will soon direct its attention to the Afghan Taliban factions and has stepped up pressure on Pakistan to go after them, the New York Times reported Monday. Abbas said the expected defeat of the Taliban in South Waziristan would create new conditions and opportunities. You have defeated the main, strongest terrorist organisation of the area and it will create effects all around. It creates voids all around and will open more options for the state and military, Abbas said. Maybe you dont have to conduct more operations. By those effects you can achieve those objectives, he said.