ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Capital Development Authority (CDA), currently running a two-month long awareness drive for water conservation, itself wastes 30 million gallons water a day, equivalent to Simly Dams capacity, for what it awaits the nod of Planning Commission to rehabilitate and upgrade decades-old waterworks. We have prepared a PC-1 of Rs 11 billion that is lying with the Planning Commission for approval as the Cabinet Division has already given go-ahead to replace and rehabilitate the outdated water supply network to save 30 million gallons water that goes to waste every day, said a senior CDA official. The international firms are showing keen interest in executing the multi-billion project and are approaching CDA that too, is interested in hiring any international firm to ensure quality of work. The official said owing to the financial meltdown confronting CDA for about a year, the Authority is also trying to seek funding for the project from any international donor agency. It is almost impossible for cash-strapped CDA to execute a multi-billion project that is why it isa trying to hammer out a deal with any foreign agency to fund the project, what he said, would help save about 60 percent of water being wasted from rusty and broken pipelines. If approved timely by the Planning Commission, the project is likely to initiate this year and would take another couple of years to complete and besides up-gradation of water supply network, the sewerage system would also be up-graded. He said the Authority cannot afford to wait for long as the situation is deteriorating by the day and it worsens in the summer when water needs increase manifold and civic body has to bank upon water tankers for water supply to residents. As per original Master Plan, the Authority was supposed to upgrade water supply network every decade in accordance with the population growth but it failed to do so that has created a crisis-like situation as the population of the federal capital has crossed the figure of one million. He said under the plan, old and rusty pipelines, laid down four decades ago, would be replaced with the help of trenchless technology that is quite popular in many developed countries. Under the plan, a meter system would also be introduced to counter non-judicious use of water, adding that once this system is in place, the Authority would be able to supply water round the clock. According to the official, as long term step, the Authority is also in contact with the federal government to seek provincial consent for conduction of 200 MGD water from Tarbella for twin cities. A 49-kilometre water pipeline would be laid down from Ghazi Barotha canal to Shah Allah Ditta in the federal capital under the Public Sector Development Project (PSDP).