LAHORE - Noted lawyer Ch Aitzaz Ahsan found a few sympathisers in the party on Monday when the issue of his restoration as member Central Executive Committee (CEC) came up under discussion during the partys CEC meeting at the Presidency. A PPP source confided to The Nation on Tuesday that only two CEC members, Senator Dr Safdar Abbassi and Yousuf Talpur pleaded the case of Aitzaz before partys top leadership, saying the party needed the services of people like Aitzaz at this crucial time when it was confronting formidable challenges. Except these two, PPP men from Sindh and rest of the CEC members showed no interest in the matter and opted to remain silent, as if it was not a big issue to be discussed at the highest party forum. Interestingly, no CEC member from Punjab, the province from where he belongs to, spoke in favour of Aitzaz, a PPP man who has, of late, earned recognition of a lawyers leader rather than a party leader, obviously due to his strong affiliation with lawyers movement he led during Musharrafs rule. According to insiders, the PPP Co-chairman, Asif Ali Zardari told the party men he would consider restoration of Aitzazs CEC membership at appropriate time. Zardari further informed he had discussed the issue with some of his (Zardaris) close aides and many of them were in favour of Aitzazs CEC membership. The party Co-chairman, however, assured that he would reconsider Aitzazs case at some stage. Asif Ali Zardari had earlier suspended the membership of Aitzaz Ahsan over a year back when he became more vocal about restoration of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and other deposed judges against the party policy. This irked the top party leadership and it served a show cause notice by PPPs secretary general Jehangir Badr, in which Aitzaz was accused of not toeing party line on certain issues.