The most controversial memo, allegedly written on behalf of President Asif Zardari and delivered to former Chairman US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Mike Mullen, is causing ripples in Islamabad and Washington at the same time. While reports suggest that Pakistans Ambassador to United States, Hussain Haqqani, has sent a letter to President Zardari expressing his willingness to resign provided the whole issue could be put to rest. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani stated on the floor of the House that the government has asked Hussain Haqqani to visit Islamabad to discuss the matter. It may be recalled that Mansoor Ijaz, a Pakistani American business tycoon, alleged in an October 10 op-ed in top UK daily Financial Times that on May 10, in the wake of Osama bin Ladens killing in Abbottabad, he was asked to draft a memo that was to be delivered to Admiral Mike Mullen. Soon after the publication of this article, spokesman of the Presidency in Islamabad denied any such initiative followed by a denial on behalf of Mullen. The matter heated up once again when Mansoor Ijaz released to the press 38 SMS messages exchanged with him on his Blackberry cell phone. But what has made things worse for Mr Zardari and Mr Haqqani is a confirmation by Mike Mullens spokesman that he did receive the memo but paid no heed to it. Hussain Haqqani, while addressing the embassy staff on Wednesday afternoon, revealed that he has sent a letter to President Zardari expressing his agreement to quit the office. Meanwhile, in an interview to the Washington Times, Haqqani said at no point he was asked by President Zardari or anyone in the Pakistan government to draft a memo and at no point he drafted or delivered a memo. He also stated that he might visit Islamabad some time next week. Diplomatic and political observers here are of the view that given the nature of the issue that has brought the civil and military top brass in a confrontational mode, Haqqani would not return to Pakistan in the near future. It appears that Gen Kayani, who met the President twice and Prime Minister once during the past 48 hours wants to reach the bottom of this scandal while the President would like to save Haqqanis skin if at all he had acted on his advice. It wont take long before the actual situation is known to the public.