After ruthlessly cutting the trees, both dense riverside forests and trees along roads and highways, the mafias in Sindh province are seen blowing up lofty and beautiful mountains through dynamites and other explosive chemicals in various lower Sindh districts especially in Thatto, Jamshoro and Dadu. The effects of pollution are hazardous, though virtually unrecorded. This criminal act has brought a drastic disturbance to their way of life and standard of living. It is reported that a few national and multinational companies and their contractors and those ministers and officials helping these companies in unlawful, unethical manner become the owners of these mountains. Sindh as a province is not going to get any benefit from this but a chosen few whose greed cant be satiated. Mountains are not add to the scenic beauty of Sindh but also there are millions of people who depend on these mountains. These mountains are their life. Ruthless felling of trees and forests have already caused environmental devastation. Due to massive climatic changes twenty one districts of Sindh have been flooded and ruined. The rural economy has been shattered. The President of Pakistan is appealed to take cognizance of this criminal act against mountain ecology and order strict action against the violators to check environmental degradations of mountain ecology. HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, November 1.