RAWALPINDI – The sale of the adulterated meat, milk, spices went unhindered in Rawalpindi Cantonment Broad (RCB) amid speedy course of collecting samples of substandard foodstuff.

Concerned officials of the RCB talking to INP said that over 350 samples were taken from bakers and sent for test to laboratory during last month, adding that over 400 chalans are regularly sent to magistrate Cantt Board every month. 

The officials said that they have been facing problems to take effective measures against adulterators, due to non availability of transport facility by RCB to them. A group of citizens talking to INP complained that despite tall claims of the Cantt Board official, sale of unhygienic and water-mixed meat and food items including spices, flour, oil, ghee, milk are being openly sold in the markets.

Citizens demanded chief executive officer RCB to take immediate measures in this connection so as to provide hygienic edibles to them.