ISLAMABAD - CNG stations have adopted a new technique of not selling or supplying gas to customers as lesser as possible by making operational only one nozzle at their stations, thus causing long queues of cars and making the customers get fed up and go without getting fuelled.

It is pertinent to mention here that after the decision of Supreme Court to decrease the price of CNG across the country and detaching it from petrol, Oil and Regulatory Authority had decreased the gas price by Rs 31 that CNG owners claim is causing them huge loss. It is also still controversial that whether or not the SC ordered to cut the whole amount from CNG owners or the government was also supposed to reduce its taxes imposed on CNG.

The association whereas claims that only Rs 21 were supposed to be cut from the CNG stations and the remaining amount was to be reduced by reducing the taxes imposed on the sector. Now the situation is that on the one side, the government threatens the CNG owners that it would cancel their licenses if they do not sell gas to consumers and on the other side if they keep on selling on full capacity, they have to suffer huge loss in the end of month.

They have adopted a middle way to reduce their loss and are filling the vehicles using only one nozzle. It is worth mentioning here that gas filling takes time so making operational only one nozzle causes long queues of cars that hurdle the traffic as well on the roads and also discourages the customers to get fuelled.

Some quarters also believe that earlier the CNG owners were minting money from innocent consumers and still they are not in loss but it is hard for them to accept that now they will not be able to make easy money as they have been doing a very long time obviously with the connivance of the government.