ISLAMABAD – National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) authorities Saturday claimed that each and every voter held a valid and verified CNIC out of 4.8 million voters, who remained ‘Not Verified’ during the door-to-door verification exercise conducted by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and did not provide their consent of vote registration.

Chairman NADRA, Tariq Malik informed this during a briefing to a select group of journalists at the Authority’s headquarters. The chairman stressed it was out of question that anyone of these voters held fake or unverified computerised national identity card (CNIC) or such voters even did not exist physically. Chairman NADRA strongly dispelled the impression that such voters held fake CNICs and said that NADRA had again re-verified 4.8 million voters and shared some facts about these voters who could not be verified through door-to-door verification process. He asked how in the presence of such facts, these voters having genuine CNICs could be called as fake and added that this was a deliberate attempt to create trust deficit and election would not be delayed for this excuse at all.

Meanwhile, sources privy to these developments in NADRA said that out of 4.8 million un-verified voters, there were 69 parliamentarians and six judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan whose could not be verified through door-to-door verification process.

How, these voters could have fake CNICs, the sources asserted.

According to details provided by the Authority; out of 4.8 million voters, the bank accounts of 1,001,340 such voters exist in the national database, 680,829 such voters have machine readable passports (MRPs) and out of these MRP holders, 438,468 individuals traveled abroad and returned to country. Further more, 321, 907 of such voters are BISP/Baitul Maal beneficiaries and are drawing benefit from government of Pakistan, 148,761 voters are beneficiaries of flood relief, 168,799 are tax payers, 158,882 are government/semi-government/armed forces employees, 3,565 have arms licenses and 209,488 have checked their voter entry through 8300. The fact sheet provided by NADRA says that out of 4.8 million such voters, the family relations of 8,792,650 such voters exist in the NADRA database as the relationship of parents of 2,602,573 such voters exist, 1,921,389 have spouse relationship, 2,375,794 have siblings’ relationship a d the children relationship of

1, 892,894 voters exist in the Authority’s database.

Chairman NADRA said that out of the approximately total 90 million voters in the country, 93.5 percent voters had opted the same permanent and current addresses on their CNICs and the remaining seven percent have different permanent and current addressed on their ID cards. “So, these 93 percent have no problem in their votes’ registration,” he added.

He further informed that out of seven percent, four percent had opted permanent addresses for their vote registration and the remaining three percent had gone for third option for vote registration other than their permanent and current addresses. “Under section 7 of Electoral Act, the voters can choose third option for their votes’ registration,” he told the journalists.