LAHORE – The time for the resolution of Kashmir dispute is not far away, said Punjab Planning and Development Minister Ch Abdul Ghafoor.

He was talking to Saifullah Sipra at Aiwan-e-Waqt Saturday. The minster also met The Nation Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami.

Ghafoor said that India and Pakistan being atomic power cannot afford war and this fact is coming home to the government and the people on both sides. “That is why the people of these countries are getting closer to each other and an atmosphere of friendship was taking roots”, he said. Spelling out PML-N policy with regard to relations with India he said that his party had a clear cut stand that Kashmir, water and other issues should be resolved with India on priority basis.

He also reminded Nawaz Sharif’s second stint in the office saying that solution to Kashmir was approaching fast but Pervez Musharraf’s action on the civil government had halted everything.

He said Indian Bihari CM Natish Kumar during his meeting with the PML-N Chief Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had also appreciated his efforts for peace in the region. The Minister said that it was time to wage war against poverty and ignorance.