ISLAMABAD - Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, Saturday, said that the intra-party elections of the PTI would uproot the prevailing rotten political culture and introduce real democracy in Pakistan.

He expressed these views in his statement issued here by the party’s office on the eve the first-ever intra-party elections being held in the federal capital on Sunday.

“History is in the making as the PTI workers go for party polls today. This would not only be the foundation of the real democracy in the country, but it would also uproot the rotten political culture in the country of holding fake and dummy party elections, life-time chairpersonships and the family dynasties,” said the PTI chief.

He felicitated the Pakistani nation in general and the party members in specific on the eve of the first-ever intra-party elections, stating that these elections would prove to be the foundation stone of real democracy in Pakistan.

“We have not attained this success easily. The holding of these elections reflects the commitment of the party’s leadership towards the true democratic traditions and the will to hold on to the party’s ideology against all odds,” he added.  

He said that the PTI polls would provide the country a new and thriving political tradition, which had been overlooked by the leaders of the so-called “major” political parties, who live in the “realm of fear” and hatch conspiracies against their members, workers and voters every day.

“Fake leaders defy and ditch their promises made with the people but the PTI believes in principles,” said Khan, adding that the credit of the party elections goes to the party’s ideological workers who were the real strength and asset of the party.

Khan said that this election also reflects the true commitment and strong belief of the party leadership in democratic system, reflecting its vision that will of the people prevails.

“This is not a routine day. This is a day which had dawned to take Pakistan to real democracy, hope, progress and prosperity. This would help us serve the country with introduction of a new system of justice and equality, provision of education, health, employment and security, Khan added.”

He vowed that the party polls would auger well for the people at large and would help bring a leadership which would take the country toward new highs and an era of progress and prosperity saying goodbye to the corrupt and outdated political culture once and for all that had brought the country on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse.

Online adds: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s Chairman Imran Khan, Saturday, congratulated the new Communist leadership of China under Xi Jinping.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan, said in a meseage issued by his office on Saturady that Pakistan is proud of the Pak-China friendship and Pakistan hoped to nurture this relationship and promote greater exchanges between the two countries.

Khan expressed the hope that the bilateral ties between the two countries will continue to grow from strength to strength under the new Chinese leadership and the new leadership will play its constructive role in peace and stability of the region.