KARACHI - Nuclear scientist of Pakistan Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has clarified that he has not been contacted for the caretaker government. He said that the authorities were seeking advice from the US for the names of the interim set-up.  

He was speaking at the book launch of NPP leader Syed Zia Abbas. The founder of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Dr Qadeer said that every citizen must play its positive role in the upcoming elections; it was prime responsibility of every citizen to cast their vote during the elections and elect.

“I have no role in politic hence I cannot restore law and order.” Dr Qadeer said that he had no role in politics and therefore it was not his job to restore law and order in the largest city of the country. I want to see Pakistan as a strong, well-off and developed.

To play a role in the industrialization in the country is my desire. The military dictator, General Ziaul Haq was not sincere to the country therefore he was declined to accept my services for the industrialisation of Pakistan,” he said.

Talking about the countries religious parities, he said that religious forces desired to hold their share in the federal government, but they are unable to teach the youth of the country to become good Muslim. During his speech, Dr Khan declared that late Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulikar Ali Bhutto was true Pakistani, who has turned Pakistan into a nuclear power.

Former Chief Justice of Pakistan justice (r) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqi, ZA Nizami, Syed Zia Abbas and others also spoke on the occasion.