RAWALPINDI  - Newly built Judicial Complex and old district court have turned into security risk owing to lack of security arrangements, illegal parking and out of order walk through gates.

No watchman or police guard has been deployed on the main gates of old district Katchery which has led to lack of checking system on the gates giving a freehand to anti-social elements to enter into the Katchery.

Walkthrough gates have been installed at the cost of million of rupees at the entry points of the Judicial Complex but they have gone out of order and no steps have been taken to arrange their repairs.

Police personnel deployed on duty at these gates prefer to play with mobiles the whole day long than perform their duty.

Over three to four thousands clients from the nearby localities and other districts come to this complex daily in connection with their cases and the judicial staff and lawyers in good numbers also perform their functions daily but no proper security measures have been taken for their safety and protection.

The citizens and lawyers fraternity have demanded immediate steps for putting in place security apparatus to ensure the security of the clients, judicial staff and lawyers.

Meanwhile, District Bar Association (DBA) Islamabad on Saturday observed strike against violence on a lawyer of Rawalpindi Bar Association.

DBA strongly condemned assault on a lawyer Inam-ur-Rahim by some unknown persons and demanded to arrest perpetrators of this incident.

The spokesman of DBA told APP that attack and violence on lawyer was unethical which had shaken confidence of lawyers community and demanded to deal responsibles of this shameful act with an iron hand. Except of urgent cases, he said no lawyer appeared before courts on Saturday.