KHYBER AGENCY – The 600 Khasadar Force personnel, who were sacked by the political administration of Khyber Agency, have been restored, a statement issued by the Khyber administration said on Saturday.

Official sources informed that the political administration of Khyber Agency had sacked the Khasadar personnel in 2009, when tehsil Bara was under the control of the banned outfit Laskar-e-Islam (LI) and its chief Mangal Bagh had asked the on-duty Khasadar Force to quit their posts warning them of bad consequences in case of refusal. About 600 Khasadar executed their duties in different areas of Bara had refused to fulfill their daily duties and were fired by the administration, sources said.  

Member National Assembly from Bara, Hamidullah Jan Afridi played an important role in the matter and after a series of meetings succeeded to restore the Khasadar.

On the condition of anonymity, an affectee Khasadar said that an undertaking farm from administration had been signed before restoration under which they would be loyal to the government and would fight militancy while assisting it in the elimination of militancy from Bara.

The restored Khasadar lauded the step of the administration and vowed that they will perform their official duties with honestly and delegation. Last day in a joint meeting of Assistant Political agent, MNA Bara, Senator Nasir khan and tribal elders, all the dismissed Khasadar were granted back their previous status of Khasadar force.