PESHAWAR – Condemning the Israel’s brutality in Palestine, activists of Muslim Students Federation (MSF) Saturday held a protest demonstration at the main Sher Shah Suri Road in front of Peshawar Press Club.

Chanting full-throated slogans against the Israeli massacre in Ghaza strip of Palestine, the infuriated protestors asked the International community to end their criminal silence over the brutality upon helpless Palestanians. The MSF activist led by its Divisional President Zafrullah and other offices bearers were holding placards and banner inscribed with slogans against the barbaric attackers.

On the occasion, addressing the protestors, MSF leaders said the Israeli security forces have started genocide of the innocent and helpless Palestinian Muslims.

They termed the United States of America responsible for the ongoing violence in Ghaza, as the US and Western countries were backing the barbaric Israeli forces.

They asked the rulers of the Muslim States to convene an OIC emergency meeting and chalk out a strategy against the Israeli aggression. They also urged the United Nation (UN) to break its silence and play its due role and end the ongoing mayhem in Ghaza. The MSF leader urged the Muslims across the world to unite against the nefarious designs of the anti-Muslim elements.