LAHORE– The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz  PML-N is not siding with the initiative taken by Ch Jaffar Iqbal for introducing the presidential system in the country replacing the present parliamentary one, said Secretary General Iqbal Zafar.

Ch Jaffar Iqbal opposed the current system and worked for introducing the presidential form of system in Pakistan, deeming it as the panacea of all problems of the people.

He says his party is aware of his work that would be presented to the party approval after it is complete possibly after two to three months.

When a question raised with PML-N Secretary General Iqbal Zafar Jhagra that if the party was on board over the issue, he said it was not so as his work never came under discussion at any level of the party.

He said it was solely Ch Jaffar’s work and the party was not in the loop on it and had nothing to do with it. He said to a question that the change of system in the country, which Jaffar desires, was never discussed with him by anyone.

He said this issue never considered in the party and so far the working is limited to Ch Jaffar only and the party CWC not at all in the picture for considering the same. When asked if Ch Jaffar’s aspiration for the change of system would stand in good stead to the party near the elections, he said the change of system was not at all a subject at the party level so no point of dilating upon it.