Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Mian Nawaz Sharif has warned the government against any attempt to rig the coming elections and said timely and free, fair elections were pre-requisite for the country and democracy.

Talking to a senior leader of his party from Khanewal Rana Abdur Rehman on Sunday, Nawaz Sharif said that those making hollow promises to the people have been exposed during their tenure and they would be rejected.

He said the PPP-led government has given nothing to the masses except loadshedding, unemployment, price hike, corruption and made the country a beggar by putting the sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan at stake.

The PML-N chief said Pakistan is a country of everyone and it is our duty to ensure its security and sovereignty. He reminded that during its two tenures, the PML-N government resolved the problems of the people and assured that it would serve the masses if returned to power again. He said the PML-N is only party that can overcome the crises faced by the country.

He asked the party leaders to make full preparations for elections for which the party would give a comprehensive manifesto and a roadmap to resolve people’s problems. He said they were not doing politics for rule but of principles and there would be no compromise on it.