MULTAN - Speakers at a function paid on Saturday glowing tributes to Editor-in-Chief of The Nation/Nawa-i-Waqt Majid Nizami for the services he rendered for the promotion of Ideology of Pakistan, democracy, quality journalism and freedom of press in the country.

The function was organised by Nazariya-e-Pakistan Forum Multan chapter to congratulate Majid Nizami on receiving doctorate degree from the Punjab University. The event was chaired by Nazariya-e-Pakistan Trust (NPT) Vice Chairman Dr Rafique Ahmad while former National Assembly speaker Syed Fakhar Imam, former foreign minister and PTI vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, NPT Vice Chairperson Begum Majida Wyne, PML-N Senator Rafique Rajwana, MNAs - Sheikh Tariq Rasheed and Rana Mahmoodul Hassan, office-bearers of the Trust and people from all walks of life participated in the function.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Rafique Ahmad said that Majid Nizami was the true flag bearer of democracy and he believed that the society should be constructed on the pattern of khilafat-e-rashida. He added that all political factions including the PPP and PML-N respected his opinion and even President Zardari admitted in a letter to him that he respected his views. He said that some elements wanted to harm Pakistan but Majid Nizami launched revolutionary initiatives like Painda Pakistan and Nazriati Summer School to make the nation and young generation aware of importance of Pakistan as well as the sacrifices rendered for its establishment. He said that Majid Nizami possessed the courage to say truth in front of tyrant rulers.

Addressing the participants, Syed Fakhar Imam said that Majid Nizami strived hard for freedom of press and strengthening Pakistan. He added that the quality of journalism did by Majid Nizami could be gauged from the fact that Indian foreign office reviewed editorials of Nawa-i-Waqt to gather information on Pakistan and its policies. He said that the country was faced with serious challenges. Referring to Balochistan, he said that the situation deteriorated in the province as the real leadership was not allowed to contest elections.

Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Majid Nizami's association with ideology of Pakistan is not hidden from any one and the country needs his guidance to come out of the crisis being faced by it. Quoting reports from financial experts, he said that the country had gone bankrupt because of failure of the rulers but they were still reluctant to admit their failure.

Begum Majida Wayen stressed the need for making the new generation aware of ideology of Pakistan, suggesting that the men, women and common citizens should also be taken on board in this effort. She added that the Punjab University granted him doctorate degree in recognition of his national services which was also a source of pride for the varsity.

Resident Editor Nawa-i-Waqt Multan Shamim Asghar Rao said that he spent over 30 years with this organisation but nothing could allure him to any other newspaper. "It's because Nawa-i-Waqt is not just a newspaper but a mission," he added. He said that the mission to promote ideology of Pakistan and strengthen the country was carried forward by Majid Nizami in such an amazing way that it set an example for others.

Senator Malik Rafiq Rajwana said that there was no stain of compromise on the personality of Majid Nizami as he always spoke truth without fear. MNAs Rana Mahmoodul Hassan and Sheikh Tariq Rasheed, president High Court Bar Mahmood Ashraf Khan, Forum's president for Multan chapter Prof Hameed Raza Siddiqui, Eng Mumtaz Ahmad Khan, Hafiz Moen Khalid and many others also spoke on the occasion.

Through unanimously adopted resolutions, the participants of the function condemned Indian occupation of Kashmir, her water aggression against Pakistan and demanded appointment of Eng Shamsul Mulk or any other capable person as head of Indus Water Commission. The participants also supported resolutions regarding promotion of ideology of Pakistan, alliance of Muslim Leagues and Freedom of Kashmir. Later on, the participants of the function offered prayer for the departed soul of former federal minister Syed Mehmood Ali.