RAWALPINDI - Most of the dispensaries working in public sector in Rawalpindi city have run out of medicines due to cut in budget under the head of purchase of medicines.

Thirteen out of 24 dispensaries located in jurisdiction of Rawal Town are facing complete depletion of medicines after four months of release of budget. The poor patients are given prescription chits with the advice to purchase them from market and those having no purchasing power have to return to their homes in utter disappointment.

Due to cut in medicines budget these dispensaries have lost their utility for the common man. The budget of every dispensary against purchase of medicines has been reduced from Rs 2200000 to Rs 900000. The poor patients have to move to private clinics and they have to pay hefty fee and incur inflated expenses on the purchase of medicines.  The citizens have demanded of the government to provide full budget to the dispensaries to purchase medicines or shut them.

 as they are no more a public utility due to lack of medicines but are now a source of nuisance.