KARACHI - The CNG filling stations in Sindh including its capital city, were once again shut down at 9am Saturday for 24 hours following a 48-hour suspension of gas supply in the same week earlier on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The second in a row closure caused severe problems to the commuters in the province. Vehicles in large number were seen queuing up at the filling stations soon after the announcement to the effect was made.

As CNG stations reopened on Thursday after a protracted 48-hours break, the Sui Southern Gas Company announced that the fuel gas supply will remain suspended on Saturday as well. The SSGC spokesman said the filling stations would be closed across the province at 9am Saturday for 24 hours, to reopen on Sunday morning, under the load-management plan of the govt.

He warned that any gas filling station which violated the schedule would be closed for further 24 hours.

The 48-hour shutdown earlier added to miseries of people using CNG-powered vehicles or relying on CNG-run transport as public transport turned thin on roads, making it hard for office workers to make it to their destinations.