KARACHI - Teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Quran unite the Muslims around the world as one so they must join their hands against the US and its anti-Islam policies.

Leading clerics and scholars expressed these views while paying tribute to the great sacrifice of Imam Hussain (A.S.) in their speeches on 2nd day of Muharram.

They said that if Muslims wanted to emerge in the world then they were required to get united against the conspiracies and follow the teachings of Holy Prophet (PBHUH) in true spirits.

There were no major differences amongst Muslims but some forces were trying to disintegrate them through propaganda especially in Pakistan, they added.

Speaking at the central Majils at Imambarghah Sharikat-ul-Hussain, Allama Zaki Baqri said that present turmoil in the Muslim world could only by removed by strictly following the teachings of Islam.

Sacrifice of Imam Hussain (A.S.) in Karbala gave us message to fight against the enemy of humanity and peace in the world, he added.

Allama Zaki Baqri also addressed the gatherings, held at Husainia Iranian and Mehfil-e-Khurasan in connection with Ashra-e-Majalis.

Molana Shehanshah Naqvi addressed Majlis of Nishtar Park; Ayatullah Aquil-ul-Gharavi of India addressed at the house of Late Ali Mutaqi Jaffari.

Allama Talib Johri spoke at at Samirra Imambargah (New Rizvia Society) and Shuhda-e-Karbala (Incholi) and highlighted the great role of Imam Hussain for the sake of Islam.

Allama Hasan Zafar Naqvi spoke at Islamic Research Centre (FB Area), Old Rizvia Society and Aza Khana Zehra, while Molana Muhammad Ali Naqvi delivered Muharram speech at Mehfil-e-Murtaza (PECHS).