A useless and acrimonious discussion is going on and being printed in newspapers and broadcast on TV channels, as to who is a ‘Shaheed’ and who is not. Does anyone stop for a minute to think who are we to make such judgments?

A ‘Shaheed’, as described in the Quran and Hadith is one who lays down his life in the cause of Allah Almighty, to further His Glory and to further His chosen religion Islam. He, and only He, knows who is Shaheed and who is not but certainly it cannot be a person who has killed thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children for no reason except to spread terror and misery.

Notwithstanding what Mr Munawar or Maulvi Fazlur Rehman says Allah says clearly in the holy Quran,’who-so-ever, intentionally kills one Muslim’, will be awarded a grievous penalty and will forever burn in the fire of hell.”


Lahore, November 15.