It is really disappointing to see that we have elected leaders who are not worthy of being called ‘leaders’. They claim themselves to be the champions of sharia and Islam in terms of knowledge and wisdom but, in the true sense, they are ignorant of the basic teachings of Islam. Hakimullah’s death has sparked a new round of debate in the whole country, intensified after odious remarks by Munawar Hasan in which he claimed that all terrorists were martyrs and Pakistan army soldiers were not. He should apologise for all the fuss created by his own imprudent remarks.

Instead of feeling ashamed, he is unwilling to render an apology. On the other hand, Liaqat Baloch’s press conference added fuel to the fire by claiming that the stance of the JI head is correct and that the army should refrain from indulging in political affairs, as they have the certificate and authorisation of declaring whether something is Islamic or not.

There should be some law or mechanism under which one should be restrained from issuing such statements, which can harm the national interests at such a serious level. The Jamaat-e-Islami should apologise for hurting the emotions of so many soldiers’ families who have been left by their dear ones just for the sake of our country.


Islamabad, November 13.