Imran Khan has warned that the government would pay a high price of declaring him a ‘Proclaimed Offender’ and termed his arrest warrant as a ‘conspiracy’ against democracy, adding that this act shows the real faces of the rulers. This is just proof that Imran Khan does not want democracy nor does he understand what it is by saying that the government would pay a price by declaring him an ‘offender’ he shows that he doesn’t know that it was the judiciary that proclaimed him ‘Proclaimed Offender’ and that too on good reasons and that the government and the judiciary are two different organs of state.

Issuing a warrant, when there is proof of an offense, that has to be further investigated, is in accordance with democracy and law. Or does Imran Khan think he is special and the laws don’t apply to him? Mr. Bhutto was arrested twice, first during Ayub Khan’ rule, under MPO’ orders and second in 1977-78, after the imposition of Martial Law, but both times he didn’t resist arrest, rather he asked for time to pack his essentials and submitted himself before the law.

Don’t we already have a system in place, where laws apply to some and not to others? But Imran doesn’t seem to be upset about this fact but only about the fact that law is applied to him! It is highly uncertain that Imran Khan and his party can bring any ‘change’ that would matter; they are aiming at replacing one set of elite with another and this would only solve Imran’s problem, not the one Pakistan faces today or the people of Pakistan face every day.


Karachi, November 15.