I would like to request the CCP, Supreme Court, NAB and media to look into the affairs, especially export of sugar. Pakistan is the 6th most populous nation in the world and having high poverty, therefore it is the first priority of the government to fulfill local requirement and only export those commodities which are surplus, in reality we have very few of those.

Last year the sugar industry was allowed to export over 0.7 million tons of sugar at 390$ per ton, which equals to almost 39 Rs per kg. While last year we faced a shortage of sugar in the local market which helped increase the price to 64 Rs per kg, while many manufacturers had to resort to importing sugar, to add insult to injury, 90% of the sugar industry has been claiming to be losing money for the past 3 years! This year once again the sugar industry is campaigning to allow them to export 0.8 million tons but due to extra surplus worldwide of sugar production the price of sugar has dropped down to 320 $ per ton.

I would like to request the Government to stop all subsidiaries on food exports, while also stopping export of food products, as reduced food supply in Pakistan, has led to higher food prices, leading to inflation and higher poverty. Therefore food should never be allowed to be exported, forcing the farmers and producers to increase production and to reduce cost of products, which should be the aim of the Government in the first place. Similarly all subsidiaries on exports should be stopped and made illegal immediately because it is these subsidiaries that lead to problems like ‘flying invoices’ and fake claims, as historically every year billions of rupees fake claims are detected.


Peshawar, November 11.