Everybody in this country wants to play with Constitution, violating it in letter and spirit, enjoying perks of power which it grants to them, unwilling to work within legal confines, and abusing their powers. It is true that Constitution does not allow institutions to transgress their powers, or assume supervisory role of elected government but at same time it binds elected government to uphold laws, ensure accountability of criminals through proper prosecution, collect taxes, make appointments on merit, and ensure financial and administrative discipline.

Tons of Ephedrine goes unaccounted for and thousands of acres of state land gets illegally or irregularly occupied by powerful land mafia and so called welfare foundations for commercial gains, while several pilgrims get fleeced, yet nobody gets punished because of flawed prosecution by design. When criminals like Mustafa Kanju or Shahzad escape accountability and those like Dr Asim, allegedly accused of massive financial crimes are not seen to be prosecuted by civil law enforcement agencies, than questions arise. To whom should next of kin of 350 policemen and over 10,000 innocent victims who were murdered in Karachi look up to? Where does Constitution allow those holding public offices to indulge in conflict of interest, misuse state resources and appoint cronies at helm of state owned corporations, when there is no dearth of qualified and experienced Pakistanis? Why these controversies in appointments of Auditor General etc? Why should there be no visible transparency in execution of major financial deals such as LNG and state corporations like PSO, PIA etc not provided managements with integrity and competence, and instead pile up losses, and elected government’s financial wizards sell Euro Bonds at 8.25% profit.

Elected government must never transgress constitutional authority. Every state institution including statutory organizations like CDA or DHA should ensure that irregularities like DHA Valley in Islamabad or not giving plots by CDA in E12/4 even after 26 years have elapsed after balloting held in 1989 does not reflect good governance, but criminal complicity. As long as crime pays and financial discipline not enforced by State, terrorism will continue to haunt Pakistan and destroy it from within.


Lahore, November 13.