ISLAMABAD - The Federal Shariat Court while hearing a case of test-tube baby said that it will decide the case in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

A three-judge bench of FSC, headed by Chief Justice Riaz Ahmed Khan, heard the petition of Dr Farooq Siddique, who has alleged that the girl his ex-wife claims their legitimate child was a test-tube baby.

Farzana Naheed on the other hand claimed that she married to Dr Farooq and their daughter was born out of marriage bound and not a test-tube baby. She presented nikha nama (marriage certificate) but the court directed her to submit it in the office.

She alleged that her former husband in order to escape himself from paying the expenses was leveling allegation that their daughter was a test-tube baby. “The civil court had passed decree in my favour and ordered Dr Farooq to pay daughter’s expenses but still her ex-husband was not paying the expenses,” she said.

However Dr Farooq contradicted his ex-wife’s version and said the girl was a test-tube baby. He informed the court about the process of test-tube baby. The court told him to file his submission in written. Justice Riaz also ordered him to consult the Islamic scholars and file his submission in light of Quran and Sunnah.

The court directed Farzana Naheed to submit marriage and divorce certificates and other related documents.

Additional Advocate General Punjab Qasim Cohan informed the bench that the United Nations has formulated laws regarding test-tube baby.

However, Justice Riaz said they are not bound by the United Nations and American laws, adding they would decide the case in accordance with Quran and Sunnah whether the birth of a child through test-tube is lawful or not? The court ordered the Punjab advocate general to submit the international and United Nations laws on test-tube baby. The hearing was adjourned for indefinite period.