ISPR’s statement on November 11, 2015 regarding matching governance invited a large number of critics and analysts to produce their own views. Some called it as “important hint” for government and a wakeup call for the government to review its policies regarding governance. In the midst of all analysis, official spokesman issued a press release to defend government and clarify its position.

No doubt, terrorism and extremism is a big issue of the day and to secure the people from this curse, a joint action in the form of NAP was started. Army’s relentless efforts in the form of Zarb-e-Azb operation are highly commendable. We should not forget that in its relentless efforts of army to clear the country of terrorists civil government fully supported it. I fully agree with the report stating that it’s too early to claim any credit for success in war against terrorism. Government has completed half of its term and during this tenure, many mega projects on energy and economy were initiated. CPEC project is above all. WB in its report predicted that Pakistan GDP rose from 4.5 to 4.8 pc on account of low oil prices, prospects of increased power supply and enhanced investments in form of CPEC. The trickle down effects of government policies have yet to be reached to the masses. Government is always open to take suggestions and work for the welfare of the people. There is always room for improvement.

Keeping in view the plight of common man, a little is done and a lot has to be done. Government should also work on social safety nets to bring the people out of the circle of poverty and unemployment. It is hoped that government will work more and more to change the fate of common man.


Lahore November 13.