Federal Minister of Water and Power Khawaja Asif said that the report regarding Nandi Pur power project has been completed, Waqt News reported. He was addressing a pressing conference.

The minister told the press that there had been speculations about the project. “Many media anchors have said that this project will never run,” he said. “The politicians and media both spread negative propaganda about the project,” he claimed.

Asif further claimed that according to the report, the project was supposed to be completed 2011 but due to some legal hurdles it remained unfinished. “We re-started it in 2013 on same PC1 blue prints since 60 to 65% project had been completed,” he told the press.

“Till then the exchange rate, charges and interests had piled up,” he added. He pointed out that it had been propagated that the project's cost has reached Rs84 billion from Rs21 billion.

“According to this report Rs51 billion has been spent out of Rs58 billion, which is the new cost for the project,” he claimed. “It is also proved by NEPRA and the official Audit that allegations of going over budget were exaggerated,” he said.

The minister further claimed that according to NEPRA estimates, the plant was estimated to produce 411 Mega Watts (MW). “The plant is producing 425 MW,” he claimed.

“The plant is showing 44.94% efficiency which is .94% more than the NEPRA estimates,” he claimed.