I have a great concern with the management of the National Bank of Pakistan, who has stopped increase in pension of its retirees from the last four years with no justified reasons. Every year the Federal Government announces increase in pension to all its retired employees and strictly complied by Provincial Government and all other departments and autonomous bodies under administrative control of Ministry of Finance. NBP is also autonomous body of the Ministry of Finance. The poor and aged retirees of the bank every year desperately waiting for grant of increase simultaneously from the president of the bank. This waiting last every year and president remains silent over this issue. In the past ten years the bank has hardly sanctioned increase after every two or three years break. This state of action has blocked the amount of pension at its initial stage by which the poor and aged pensioners feel difficulty to pull on their daily requirement of living. The present price hike of daily utilities has put them into a miserable financial condition by which they neither meet their domestic requirements nor treatment of chronic deceases within merge amount of pension.

It is worth to mention here that top class of the management including president of the bank enjoy every perks and facilities in million at their own discretion got approved by calling AGM meeting to regularize their action. Many times it was requested and appealed to the president and Chairman of the Board of Directors through letters and Medias, but no action has been taken in this regard. A class of pensioners of the bank has knocked the door of Apex courts for grant of pray in increase in pension, but their cases are lying for years to years with no decision so for.

I have to seek the attention of Prime Minister and Finance Minister with appeal to have a pity on the poor and aged retirees of the bank and a take a so motto action to resolve this long deserving issue.


Lahore, November 13.