ISLAMABAD: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority on Wednesday appreciated Sukher Power electric Supply for improving recoveries but directed to improve power theft also.

During the hearing to determine the consumer end tariff for year 2015-16, the Sukhur Power Company CEO Muzafar Abbasi stated that he has increased recoveries up to 66 percent during July to October 2015.

In last two months only we have recovered Rs. 900 million, Abbasi said, explaining plans for improving infrastructure and curtailing power theft in his jurisdiction.

Nepra came hard on SEPCO when they stated that their intake was 50 percent higher to sales.

You have only recovered 50 percent of your total sale, and why you have only 27 FIR’s has been registered against the thieves, Authority questioned.

The management said that being a distribution company it has no authority to take any disciplinary action against power thieves, and it only could request police, which, many times did not register FIRs. He said 190 power theft cases were reported in police but only 27 Firs were actually registered.

The Authority expressed serious concerns when officials told that Sepco has been bearing 600 million losses per month due to power theft, mainly.

Don’t wait for Ministry of water and Power, or any other government department for the financial assistance; float tenders in international market and install latest digital meters, and pay in installments, Authority directed the power supply company.

Members also asked the company justification for asking double amount for expenditure.

Sepco in its tariff petition asked for Rs.3.62 per kilowatt distribution margin, 4322 million for investment. The documents submitted along with application showed that company projected 34 per cent line losses while calculated average sale rate at Rs. 20.97 per kilowatt-hour.

Muzaffar Abbasi was given additional charge of Sepco, June year, but after his outstanding performance, according to officials of Ministry of Water and Power, he was given full charge in September.

Authority after a long session asking more information and relevant data reserved the decision.