“Loadshedding will end by December 2009.”

–Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, 2008.

Though these words are from 2009, they could very easily have been said in 2013, 2014 or 2015. All ruling governments promise the end to the electricity shortage, none of them can figure out how to do it. The current government has made promises of 2018, though it is quite certain that the deadline will be revised. Again.

We need a massive overhaul of our energy policy, that is going in the direction of increased reliance on imports and an increasing reduction in the scope for developing sustainable indigenous resources. So much money (and future debt) has gone into the importation of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Qatar, with no benefits being seen the provision of electricity, or it prices. It will only make energy prices go up, as well as repeatedly result in shortages due to logistical problems in the importation. Kalabagh dam, or the generation of energy from Thar coal reserves seem a long lost dream. Its like the government, no matter the sitting one or previous ones, has any interest in ensuring sustainability. The newly inaugurated Solar Park also remains to show an increase in generation or profits. Consumer adoption of solar energy at the individual level should have been encouraged so that private competition between suppliers of solar panels would have caused improvements in technology, but the government has not been able to envision such projects and incentives.