Rawalpindi - Self-projection by supporters of the candidates contesting local government election is increasing in the city and the printing business has boomed to a record high.

The posters, banners, pamphlets, panaflexes and stickers carry big–sized pictures of the supporters.

These posters, panaflexes and stickers are usually displayed/pasted on electric poles in front of election offices of the candidates and on rear windscreens of motor vehicles to muster support for the candidates as well as project the supporters.

Meanwhile, the owners of printing presses and their workers have been earning huge money since the political parties kicked off electioneering.

Muhammad Tauseef Sharif is among the die-hard supporters of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) who is supporting the panel of Haji Muhammad Yasin, the candidate for the slot of chairman from UC-83, Kalyal. He has displayed his picture on all the small-sized panaflexes which he has donated to his candidate.

Talking to The Nation yesterday, Tauseef said that PML-N league is the only party which has been serving the masses and solving their problems at their doorsteps. “I printed my picture on the stickers and panaflexes only to show my love and support for my candidate. This will also attract my other friends who will cast their votes for the candidates supported by me,” he said. “I ordered 500 small-sized panaflexes for mustering public support for Haji Muhammad Yasin in UC-83,” he said.

Another Babar Hussain, a taxi driver who is a supporter of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, was of view that he was feeling immense pleasure by pasting a panaflex on the rear windscreen of his taxi with his picture in the middle of the PTI candidates Raja Barkat Ali and Raja Muhammad Ishaq, contesting LBs polls from UC-85, Dhama Syedan.

“We have been printing posters, pamphlets and stickers since November 1 and booming business is expected to continue for another few days,” said Kamram alias Kami, a printer at Circular Road. He said he has hired additional workers to meet the orders placed by supporters and candidates. “This time we also got work from outside the city. We did plenty of printing for Islamabad and Gujar Khan. We are using 100 per cent of our printing capacity,” he said.

Jamil Khan, another owner of a printing press at Committee Chowk, was of view that he has six printing presses which are working non-stop this time in order to meet all the orders. ”Just one press is doing Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 business a day so we are doing quite well,” he said. Printer Jamil told The Nation that panaflexes and posters are being prepared in different sizes in accordance with the customer’s demand.

He said the demand for 2x3 feet and 2.5x4 feet panaflexes is greater. The prices are set per piece, for example Rs 300 with wood frame for a small panaflex and Rs500 for a bigger one. “Every candidate and supporter orders for a different number of panaflexes to print. Some have even ordered to print up to 10,000 panaflexes,” he said.