Islamabad - The PML-N government seems to be in a fix. The Sharif household is in a state of panic and is unable to hide that fact from the eyes of the camera. 

The Finance Minister of Pakistan and a close relative and confidant of the Sharifs, Ishaq Dar, is now a wanted man as nonbailable warrants from NAB are out to arrest him, and his name has made it to the ECL. Not far away from the capital, the throne of Punjab is also under threat as the opening of Hudaibya Paper Mills reference may lead to Punjab chief minister. 

Added to this mix is the demand of chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), Tahir ul Qadari, to make the Justice Baqir Najfi commission report public. The delimitation bill passed by the National Assembly gave sleepless nights to Speaker Ayaz Sadiq as he was summoned to Jati Umra many times to get the numbers for the smooth sail of the bill. 

Arshad Khan Laghari, the Minister of State for Industries and Production, too was so involved in other pursuits that he forgot to honor his commitment as a chief guest on the 34th anniversary of the Proclamation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus reception hosted by Ambassador Mehmet Davulcu. The hosts and the guests at the reception waited an hour for the chief guest to arrive before finally announcing dinner after a brief welcome speech by the ambassador. 

“It is now becoming a ritual that the cabinet ministers arrive late; last time it was the Algerian national day reception when the chief guest didn’t show up, and the guests were kept waiting for more than an hour,” commented a visibly perturbed ambassador. 

United Nations is trying to resolve the Northern-Cyprus issue. The island was divided between Turkey and Greece since 1974, and the citizens are known as Turkish Cypriots.

However, an issue that seems to be invisible to the UN eyes is the uncertain situation in Lebanon. The Lebanese Prime Minister is in Saudi Arabia, and the country is without a head of Government. Michael Aoun, the President of Lebanon, is holding the fort and waiting for the young Hariri to return.

”I don’t think that he will go back to Lebanon; I guess that he will fly to France. It’s always the French who have come to the rescue of the Lebanese in political history,” commented an Arab ambassador posted in Saudi Arabia.  Hariri’s family owns one of the largest construction companies by the name of Saudi Oger Company and has high stakes in the Royal Kingdom.  

However, the discussion during the evening shifted from Hariri to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe where the 92-year-old long-serving indomitable African President is under house arrest.  His current status is a matter of dispute following the events of the coup by the military. 

– The writer is a  freelance contributor.